Propeller Pump


Propeller Pumps, designed to be used for drainage, irrigation and controlling of water direction system in maximum flow rate 90,000 liters per minute, consist of a hydraulic power unit with outdoor type canopy, a propeller and a buoy. The power unit drives a submersible hydraulic motor.

The propeller is stainless steel and the blades, having a large width thin profile with a smooth surface, are backswept. This gives a highly efficient and clog-free operation. The buoy makes from SS400 steel in JIS standard with rustproof coating.

Product Features

1. Propeller Pumps, designed to be used for drainage, irrigation and controlling of water direction system for municipal work.
2. Submersible hydraulic, driven directly by motor, supplies regularly with a constant flow rate of 90,000 liters per minute.
3. Benefits of using hydraulic driven system versus electric driven system.
• Hydraulic driven system’s torque is higher than electric driven system so that it works better in water with suspended solids.
• Hydraulic driven system would not cause a motor burn owing to overload, over current or surge.
• Users of hydraulic driven system safe from electric leakage and shock.
• Since engine parts of hydraulic driven system are all time in closed system with lubricant, hydraulic driven system is more durable than the electric one.
• Using hydraulic driven system is no need to concern about electric source as using electric driven system which are applied by 3 phase, 380v., 50Hz.

Product Features

  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Propeller
  • Pontoon
  • Propeller pump type is submersible hydraulic, driven directly by motor.
  • The propeller pump capacity has maximum flow rate at 90,000 liters per minute.
  • The power unit and the control are covered by an outdoor type canopy.
  • Diesel engine driven not less than 6 cylinders 4 strokes, direct injection, turbocharger and displacement not less than 6,240 cc.
  • Engine is produced and qualified by European Union Country, United State of America, United Kingdom, Japan or Thailand such as Yanmar, Cummins, Deutz, Volvo or Johndeere.
  • Engine is certified of EPA Tier 2 emission control standard or EURO stage 2 or better.
  • Water-cooled radiator with the cooling fan blows out of the engine.
  • Continuous rating power not less than 160 horse power at speed not less than 2,500 rpm under ISO, DIN, SAE or JIS.
  • 24 volt electric start with battery charging equipment while battery is in use.
  • Fuel tank, installed on a pedestal base with oil level scale in CKD, is not less than 100 liters of capacity.
  • Tachometer, Temperature Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge, Water Temperature Gauge, Voltmeter, Hour Meter with all meter light bulb are completed in engine panel.
  • For engine protection system, there is engine automatically shut down in case of High water temperature gauge • Engine over speed • Low oil pressure • Forward • Normal • Reward
  • Hydraulic motor casing is cast iron with water proof quick coupling.
  • The propeller, stainless steel under off JIS SUS 316 or equal, has three backswept large thin wide profiles with smooth surface blades.
  • Size of propeller not less than 620 mm.
  • Propeller casing for controlling of water direction is stainless steel under off JIS SUS 316 or equal.
  • Shaft is stainless steel under off JIS SUS 42001 or equal.
  • The pontoon makes from SS400 steel in JIS standard with rustproof coating.
  • The pontoon is controllable with steering lever to four directions - forward, backward, right and left.
  • Bolts and nuts are alloy stainless steel under off JIS SUS 304 or equal.