About Us

Established in 1985, one of the largest pump manufacturers for agriculture, municipal, civil engineering, and emergency duties in Thailand, with a wide variety of products ranging from Mobile Water Pumps, Propeller Pumps, Fire Pump Sets, Vertical Turbine Pumps, to Generator Sets with Automatic Systems.
With numerous number of expert staffs guarantee you on time working deliver
World class machines and facilities have been used to manufacture top quality products
100+ domestic and oversea projects experience assures a reliable services
Trusted by more than 100+ key manufactory industries, government and public companies
Our mission

30+ years of experience in pump industry

Pumps are manufactured to meet varying requirements of Flow Rates and Head Pressures, with German-Designed Engines, and are assembled in the factory in Thailand. Siam Telemach is ISO 9001 certified for Engineering Services and Manufacturing of Water Pumps, Fire Pump Sets, Generator Sets, and Control Systems.

Siam Telemach is a major supplier of Pumps to the Thailand Government, and key Manufactory Industries such as Toyota, Suzuki, Isuzu, Bridgestone, Thai Obayashi Construction, World Gas Petroleum, and PTT Petroleum.

The company has vast experience in meeting the needs of Government at critical times in the flood-prone regions of Thailand
our Vision

Innovation Comes First

Quality oriented
Before deliver all product and service have been quality controlled
Reliability solution
Customer can assure reliable product solutions from our expertise
Latest technology
We always use the latest technology in an industry with our pump and engine
World Class Facilities
Our test laboratory passed the world standard, with complete test facilities
Long product life-span
Save your cost by our product, which can stand for more than ten years
well aligned installation
Vibrationless improves product life span and also good with user experience
Fuel Cost-Efficiency
Less energy usage means less cost spending and more nature friendly
High capacity flow-rate
Compare with the products in the industry, our pumps deliver high capacity flow rate
Drainage and Irrigation
Our Pumps can also be used with the Drainage and Irrigation service
ISO 9001 certified
World ISO standard guarantee the most reliable pumps and engineering service
Custom made
Whenever you have any unique requirements, we can deliver you custom designed product.
Mobile or Stationary Baseplate Assembly
According to customer design, we can assemble mobile or stationary.
WHy US ? 

How We Work

With our systematic workflow apply with digital technology,  there is nothing to be worry with the deliver time and communication
Get Requirement
Asking for client's demand and giving client further consultance
Solution Analysis
Finding and analyzing the best solution to meet client's requirement.
Picking one among our products and services or create custom design
Deliver And Installation
Deliver product with installation service, and also give client further instruction

Talk With Expert

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